25 September 2011

Knit, Purl, Girasole

At my 2nd knitting lesson, we finished this knit hat. It's pretty thick with the bulky yarn but it came out right. Then we started a scarf. It was awkward going from size 13 needles down to size 8! I revisited the purl stitch and the scarf patten goes back & forth with knit & purl stitches making a basket weave pattern.

This is the biggest sunflower that grew from seed. There are about seven flower buds on this stalk and two have blossomed so far. In the second pic, there is a bee in the flower.

Last but not least, I did get my first promotion last week at my karate test! As it turns out, I was more nervous the whole day then actually taking it. It was hard but all the exercise helped me calm down.

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