27 September 2011

sometimes you just have to make your own

I wonder if this happens to you.... sometimes I go looking for a greeting card and peruse as many as catch my eye and nothing seems to fit the person. After looking at practically everything, I end up walking out of the store a little frustrated and think I'll just make my own. Plus cards can be a little pricey. This happened to me today as I looked for a birthday card for my Aunt Edith. So I'll go home tonight and pull out my art stuff and with a little paint, pastels, ribbon and other ephemera I'll create my own special card for her.

Unrelated - I just found this picture of my husband and niece in Alaska from '06.

Speaking of whales, the latest machinema from Cecil Hirvi is showing at the Berkeley Film Festival this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a whale of a good time!

-James T. Kirk