12 September 2011

Pests and Patience

We've put a lot of work into our backyard which brings us such joy. Every week we try to do some gardening whether maintenance or landscaping/planting. This weekend included some weeding, pruning, watering, & fertilizing. I also had to deal with the fact that the undersides of my snapdragon leaves have been invaded with tiny, sticky, dark circle pests. It's a good chance they are aphids. The plants got a nice shower of organic insecticide soap.

I see the pests or evidence of, and get all alarmed and kvetch to George. But really, between my Sunset Gardening book & the Internet, it only requires some investigation and research to figure out what to do. I just need to remember this first. I can see how gardening can be good for character-building, as it is a lot of trial & error and requires patience.

On the bright side, we have 3 sunflowers currently growing the backyard and I just planted a variety of sunflower seeds -more in the back, and some in the front yard. To my surprise a bunch of little sprouts appeared in both places. This is my first time growing sunflowers.

Next up - Knitting classes that I am looking forward to. This week is the knit stitch.

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