08 September 2011

Practice practice practice

(Photo from old Google Image Search)

The original Star Trek and I are one day apart. Star Trek's 45th anniversary is today and my 45th birthday is tomorrow. George and I are going to watch the first Star Trek episode "The Man Trap" tonight to commemorate. I love the smart and calm Spock, the confident and no-nonsense Kirk, the skill dry-humored Bones, the lovely, talented, and strong Uhura, Chekov who I first saw play 'Gunnar' in Gidget, Scotty (I can hear his voice, "Cap'n I'm doing all I can...) & helmsman Sulu.

For my 45th, so far I got a short & sassy haircut. I am going to take a knitting class again and see if I can get the hang of it this time, and get back to learning some French & Italian language for when we can spend extended time abroad.

On a different note, last weekend we watched the Bruce Lee movie "Enter the Dragon" and the original "Karate Kid" and I loved them both . I'm so inspired by the art, philosophy, control, and effectiveness of martial arts. Captain Kirk is a good fighter too. I have really amazing women teachers (sensei) at my dojo. It's always challenging but also fun. I see how this and yoga, which I also enjoy, can be a lifelong practice. As I'm trying to get the 'feel' for my snap kick (ball of the foot extended) George continues to remind me, "Don't think ..........Feeeeel." Easier said than done.

I'm going to be sure my days always include pieces from these areas whether learning, practicing, or creating: Martial Arts, Yoga, Gardening & Growing veggies, Writing, Knitting, Foreign Language, Cooking new recipes, ... and any other creative interests that catch my attention. I already do most of them but I figure if I love all these things and consistently do them, I will be happy and it could lead to welcoming opportunities.

Gotta go, I want to get out of the city before another BART protest starts today.

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