08 October 2012

Then Again

When exercising, it's one thing to give your all, and go as fast as you can on an exercise like squats, push-ups, high knees, etc. It's another thing to give your all and go fast on an exercise you have less experience, or practice doing.

I was going a little too fast on a drill at the gym this weekend. Climbing up and down three big steps while carrying weights, I lost my footing and stumbled off the last step. The rest of my weekend consisted of mostly elevating and icing my right ankle. It's a minor sprain but a major inconvenience.

With all this down time, I've been reading Diane Keaton's memoir, "Then Again" which I'm enjoying. I love the style of her book. She and her mother both did collage and this book is like a collage of vignettes with title headings in each chapter telling her stories, along with excerpts from her mother's journals, and relevant letters. There are some pictures as well.
I'll probably finish it today.

(photos: Violas, Pansies, & Cosmos flowers in our garden)


Galina said...

First of all - I have to say - I hope you feel better now!
and other thing - it is so exciting to see pictures!! yay!!

Andrea said...

Thank you Galina. My ankle is healing. My pictures are usually of flowers! I really like photos on your blog to. See you soon.