24 October 2012

Something to Do

Secretary Hutch in my office/art room
A friend and I were talking about ways to fit in some of creative work in the evenings. After day jobs, exercise, dinner/family time.... it's easy to just watch TV and go to bed. That's what I usually do (lately I get a good laugh watching Big Bang Theory). But I'd like to use some evening hours better. I'm brainstorming ideas of creative, enjoyable things to do for about 30 minutes or so:

write a letter
write a poem
do a writing prompt
do a blog post
knit (learn new patterns, and to use circular needles)
paint with watercolors
collage something
bake a pumpkin recipe

...to be continued...

p.s. 'Something to Do' is a Depeche Mode song from the album Some Great Reward...which lead me to a You Tube search.. reminding me of early DM albums and concerts in the 80's. So nostalgic.

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Galina said...

+ take pictures of you surrounding
+ doodle