01 February 2013

Bonjour Février

January seemed like a long month to me. Welcoming February with the following:
  • Started re-reading Tammy's book You Can Buy Happiness (and it's cheap)  for a little extra motivation to purge, pay-off some balances, and save.
  • I'm doing a little research on a possible visit to DC early summer.Can't pass up an opportunity to see our creative-foster-daughter!
  • I'm soul-searching for new livelihood options (1-5 year goals). The two biggest areas that come up for me are creativity and wellness. There has to be some meaningful, paying work in that.
  • I've started doing some house DIY work by stripping decades-old vinyl off century-old hardwood floors in the art room. It's a slow process but so worth it, and  a good way to spend a couple of evenings away from the TV (if you don't mind using a heat gun, scraper, a little muscle, and breathing in a mask). I have a new appreciation for all the work my husband did on the parlor floor by himself! 
  • Thinking about what veggies to plant for spring.
  • Taking some little hikes and stair climbs at Joaquin Miller Park.
  • Memorizing a poem a month. My first is this (typed from memory):
Dreams by Langston Hughes
Hold fast to dreams
for if dreams die
life is a broken-winged bird
that cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
for when dreams go
Life is a barren field
frozen with snow.

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