13 May 2010

Why wait?

Paris 2001, our first Int'l. trip together.

Yesterday I was thinking: We really need a vacation. What am I waiting for? Why don't we take a trip this year? We don't need that much $$. We have a lovely friend to visit in Germany. I have vacation time to use. We haven't been to Europe since 2004. What am I waiting for?

It usually comes down to time and money really but more importantly, I just don't want to postpone travel any longer. So we'll figure out ways to make it happen.

All I had to do was mention this to George, and he's ready to pack his bag! Seriously, he's great at getting the ball rolling. He reached out to his European colleagues and contacts.

Where I'd like to visit this Fall, time permitting and subject to change:

Germany - Dortmund, Berlin - the Zebra Poetry Film Festival (October)
Amsterdam - must see the Anne Frank House & Van Gogh museum
France/Giverny - must visit Monet's Garden this time (open Apr. 1 - Nov. 1)
If we can stop in Italy....there's too many places but I can narrow it down to Cinque Terre and beloved Venezia.
possibly Switzerland

I also need to find out what is the more affordable way between countries these days....a rail pass or flights? There are only a few specific places I really want to visit, otherwise the plans will be pretty loose. For someone who likes plans and specifics, it's a little ironic that my fondest memories are the travel mishaps and unexpected emotions; which lead way to unplanned adventures and the best stories. C'est la vie.

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