16 April 2013

Central Coast Photo Post

Last week we took a little road trip down to the Central Coast. A beautiful drive along Hwy. 1.
 Our first stop was lunch in Carmel-by-the-Sea and walking around the charming city and beach.

My message from the Biblical Garden in Carmel

 Then it was on to Cambria Pines Lodge with beautiful gardens.
Love this, their famous Flower Bed!
 On the drive back it became a literary tour as we stopped at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur;

There's nothing like an antique typewriter.

Then the Robert Louis Stevenson House in Monterey - actually it was a rooming house 'The French Hotel' where he stayed for a few months in 1879;

 And the John Steinbeck House in Salinas, where he was actually born.

We planned to stop at the Henry Miller library but neither of us even know of the Stevenson & Steinbeck houses. I did a search on the GPS of places in the area and they popped up under history/museums. It's the unexpected inspiration that we are occasionally gifted with on our outings and travels! I just love when we find homes, gardens, or places related to artists and writers!

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